Stanley John Dennis

Stanley was a fantastic talker and an equally earnest listener. He was much loved. His great sense of humour, love of food, family and the community made his 85 years of life very rich. Meredith, his daughter and the President of TPS talks about her incredible father and about their experience at Wedgetail Retreat Hospice.

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Sandy Brown

Sandy has been on an incredible journey  and is featured in the Wedgetail Retreat commercial. This is what she had to say about our team: “Their compassion, commitment and positive energy beam a white light in a dark time. They offer support and care in a wholistic way to each individual and their family and friends.

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”Hi my name is Sandy Brown but most people know me as Miss Sandy. I have worked with very young children and their families for around 25 years and as Director of Squiggles Creative Learning Centre for the last twelve years.


I love my work, the challenges and rewards are inconceivable to most!!! Life has always been a roller coaster and in December 2011 I was diagnosed with a Level V Malignant Melanoma. Three days before Christmas I had surgery to remove the malignancy and Lymph Nodes in my leg. By October 2012 life was getting back to normal although I was still very tired. I had a routine mammogram which was followed by a call from Breastscreen telling me I needed to see their Doctor ASAP. Biopsies and other tests led to the decision that I should undergo a Bi-Lateral Mastectomy and Reconstruction. At first things were looking positive, but then came the news that the Cancer was invasive and HER2+ (attaches to Hormones), and I would need Chemo. In the meantime, my Reconstruction deteriorated and after six surgeries to try and save them it was decided the implants had to be removed so Chemo could start.


I was devastated and for me, this has been the biggest struggle. Every time I look at my flat, disfigured chest I am reminded that I have Cancer. No more denial , no more thinking I will just get back to normal. Chemo followed and I struggled with the side effects. I spent a lot of those 6 months in hospital. I will be on Herceptin for the HER2+ until March next year and look forward to the end of that part of the treatment .


I believe my Spiritual beliefs and practices have played a major role in my healing. My family and friends (big and small) and Medical Staff have been my strength and inspiration to get better. Their unconditional love, care, and generosity have motivated and comforted me. This includes the committed and giving people at TPS and Wedgetail Retreat. Their compassion, commitment and positive energy beam a white light in a dark time. They offer support and care in a wholistic way to each individual and their family and friends.”


“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple. The philosophy of kindness.”

Tenzin Gvatso, The 14th Dalai Lama



Jasmin (Jaz) Larios

Beautiful and inspiring Jaz was 23 years old when she came and stayed at the Hospice for respite with her mother, Miriam. Jaz had supported the Leukaemia Foundation for years when she was diagnosed with Leukaemia herself, her support continued until she died. Jaz loved Nature; animals, especially giraffes and even had hundreds in a collection. There was nothing like carving her way down a mountain on her snowboard to get her blood pumping and she was inspired by collecting and making jewellery with crystals. She loved being around them.

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TPS and Wedgetails Retreat have received many notes of gratitude and thanks over the years.
Get inspired by reading them.

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