Wedgetail Retreat Fundraising

Local Fundraising

Can you help us fundraise?
Any sporting or community event, Trivia Night, morning tea or BBQ can help to raise vital funds for our charity. If you are able to fundraise or to provide a business partnership, please contact our office.

Keep an eye on our ‘Events’ section for fundraising activities.

If you would like to be involved or need more information, please contact our office.

Major Sporting Event Fundraising

For those entering large, organised fun runs/walks or marathons such as those listed below, please indicate Wedgetail Retreat or Tweed Palliative Support as your chosen charity. Fundraise while you are being challenged and doing something that you love, we really appreciate it.

Choose Wedgetail Retreat or TPS as your chosen charity when you register for any of the following sporting events. You can even personalise your own Fundraising Page and spread the word about why you support us and inspire others to contribute or join in!

Everyday Hero Fundraising Page

All the events below use Everyday Hero to build a fundraising page on your behalf. It’s easy! Follow the fundraising prompts from the sporting events page and you can type in or select Wedgetail Retreat or Tweed Palliative Support as your chosen charity. Everyday Hero will email you with the link to your page that you can pass around to family and friends for sponsorship.

One-off Donation

You can also make a one-off donation to Wedgetail Retreat or TPS through Everyday Hero ( and they will email you a tax receipt.

Please help us to support your loved ones when they need it most.

Thanks for your support.